School Programs

School Programs

L.E.A.D.E.R.S. (Values)

Our school mascot is the cougar, which represents leadership and taking charge of your life in any   circumstances in the best way possible. Knowing that we are Nicomekl Cougars, we have our values through the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.S.

LOVING-KINDNESS:  A strong feeling of constant affection for someone or something.  To be nice and to care about others.

EMPATHETIC:  The ability to share someone else’s feelings.

ACCOUNTABLE:  To take responsibility for your actions.

DETERMINED:  To keep trying to do something that is difficult.

                       ENCOURAGING:  To give confidence or hope so that something positive might happen.

                                                            RESPECTFUL:  To have consideration for others.

                                                            SAFE:  To stay away from harm or danger.

These values are what our students, families and staff strive for as we learn and grow together. It is through these values we find hope for all of our children in all of our interactions and provide all of our students an opportunity to be a leader.

R.O.A.R. (School-Wide Behaviour Matrix)

We are Nicomekl Cougars

HEAR  US “ROAR”      


RESPONSIBILITY:  To be accountable for your actions.

OWNERSHIP:To take responsibility for your actions and pride in what you do.

ACHIEVEMENTTo work hard and put forth effort to accomplish something.

RESPECT: To have consideration for people, places and things

As a school, we have created a school-wide behaviour matrix, which serves as expectations in different settings around our school. We have a behaviour matrix for classrooms, hallways, lineups, playgrounds, office, gym and library.

The behaviour matrix provides visual images and words that provide clear expectations that are used as communication tools.

At Nicomekl, we believe in the importance of transparent communication where our conversations are ongoing to create a safe and positive learning environment. Students, families and staff work together to remind our students of positive expectations in our community.

It is not through one conversation but through daily conversations where we all share a common language of understanding.


The Zones of Regulation is social-emotional learning, for self-regulation and emotional control.   Four colors are used to help identify how they’re feeling and categorize it based on color.

The BLUE ZONE means you are feeling down – sad, sick, tired, or bored. You’re still in control, as you are in the yellow zone, but with low energy emotions.

The GREEN ZONE means you are calm, focused, happy, or ready to learn.

The YELLOW ZONE means you may feel frustrated, anxious or nervous. But, it could also mean you’re feeling excited, silly, or hyper.

Being in the RED ZONE means you are feeling mad/angry, yelling/hitting and feeling out of control.

The zones curriculum provides strategies to help students become more aware and able to control their emotions.

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